Bitcoin Bubble? Will the Stock Market Crash in 2018?

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Bitcoin Bubble? Will the Stock Market Crash in 2018?

The Housing Market Crash from 2007-2008 forever scarred both the domestic and international markets in one of the greatest failures both attributable to the financial institutions that provided the means for the crisis and the public who fueled the madness.

Currently, we are enjoying one of the greatest bull runs of our lifetimes and both strong consumer spending and credit bolstered by strong company fundamentals are continuing to drive the markets to consistent all-time highs. So bullish is this market that countless shorts are getting eviscerated in this massive run as the rest of the global economy continues to rise as well. Even Japan, who had suffered decades of stagnant economic growth, is now beginning to gain back some of its strength back through strong economic strides.

As Fed Chair Janet Yellen steps down, fellow board member Jerome Powell will be taking her place which is good for the markets as both share similar views. This continuation in the markets is a mark of consistency that will continue Yellen’s work in the past which has helped the markets to recover. With all these factors in place, there is strong evidence to suggest that there is still yet more room for the markets to grow even at these all-time high levels.

Bitcoin is emerging as the top contender for the next bubble and is represented as a significant risk to the markets. Although the valuation of Bitcoin is a little absurd, the cryptocurrency alongside others are not integrated enough with both society and the economy due to the lack of practical use for Bitcoin at this point in time. Considering that many still do not use payments (or even know what it is) in addition to the fact that most businesses do not accept Bitcoin payment, even if Bitcoin were to collapse, the current situation hints that Bitcoin will not be the bubble, at least not now.

Overall, the markets are enjoying a time of great prosperity and a renewed revival of the investment community. Although there are many caution signs to be aware of, being out of the markets completely is not the right option either. Enjoy the ride while you can.

Risk Disclosure

DISCLAIMER: Futures, stocks and options trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. The valuation of futures, stocks and options may fluctuate, and, as a result, clients may lose more than their original investment. The impact of seasonal and geopolitical events is already factored into market prices. The highly leveraged nature of futures trading means that small market movements will have a great impact on your trading account and this can work against you, leading to large losses or can work for you, leading to large gains.

If the market moves against you, you may sustain a total loss greater than the amount you deposited into your account. You are responsible for all the risks and financial resources you use and for the chosen investing platform. You should not engage in investing unless you fully understand the nature of the transactions you are entering into and the extent of your exposure to loss. If you do not fully understand these risks you must seek independent advice from your financial adviser.

All investing strategies are used at your own risk.







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