Your Whole Wallet at One Card

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Your Whole Wallet at One Card

Your Whole Wallet at One Card [Link for USA ]

Your Whole Wallet at One Card features:
• ULTIMATE CARD HOLDER – FOR ANY TYPE OF Fuze card: Forget about wallets ,regular payment and soft card cases that can bend and damage your credit cards. SLATE’s superior aluminum case can hold up to 6 cards, keeping them protected in its hard shell
• SLIM AND STYLISH, BUT LARGE CAPACITY: Easy to carry in any slot in a wallet, purse, bag or briefcase. Its smooth, single-color surface gives it a professional look, and the SLATE logo is a quality guarantee.
• ESSENTIAL PROTECTION FOR SENSITIVE ITEMS: Expertly designed to protect your credit cards from any such influence, including RFID scanning that hackers use to steal your information.
• SAFE AND EASY REMOVAL: With a smart button on the bottom you can access your cards with a single click. All cards will slide out slowly so you can pick the one you want. No danger of any card falling out
• SUPREME QUALITY BACKED BY HUGE 1 YEAR PROMISE: If you feel our case is not up to your standards within 2 whole years of your purchase, please return it and we’ll replace it immediately free of charge.

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