Wendell Brown Jailed In China For Alleged Assault Says He Is Innocent

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Wendell Brown Jailed In China For Alleged Assault Says He Is Innocent

A Detroit mother wishes she had the national spotlight of UCLA, the star power of the Ball family and the backing of President Donald Trump to get her son, Wendell Brown, out of a Chinese prison, Yahoo Sports reported.

“If Trump helps us, if he helps Wendell, I won’t stop thanking him. He helped get three basketball players who were guilty get out. I pray he’ll help get my innocent son out. And if he does, I’ll thank him and thank him and thank him,” said Antoinette Brown as she watched a news report about the president seeking a thank you from LiAngelo Ball and his UCLA teammates.

Her son, Wendell Brown, had a stellar high school and college football career at Detroit’s King High School and at Indiana’s Ball State University, where he graduated in 2009. After playing professional football in Canada, Austria and the U.S. arena league, he coached at his old high school. Brown, 30, went to Chongqing, China, in 2015 to play and later coach football. Brown was falsely accused of hitting a man in a bar during a birthday party for a friend on Sept. 24, 2016, his mother said. He’s been in a Chinese jail for 14 months without the due process and other rights given to suspects in the United States.

Antoinette Brown, a hairstylist who co-owns a beauty shop in Detroit with her husband, learned about her son’s situation when one of his friends in China called. A lawyer in China told her that the authorities are demanding $100,000 in U.S. currency as restitution to resolve the case. The family, unable to put together that amount of money, launched a GoFundMe campaign. She feels totally helpless, as she watches the war of words between Trump and the Ball family patriarch LaVar Ball.

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