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Sovereignty 101 general info on sovereignty, techniques, and various things that are needed to spread amongst the people who desire to be safe during the Fall of this Revived Roman Empire.


Priest’s General Rule of Thumb:  As I was taught by the elders who raised me, ‘In all things know how and why before you proceed”


What is UCC? Uniform Commercial Code, which according to The Original Cracking the Code book, is Hebrew Commercial Code.  DO NOT BE CONFUSED by the word Hebrew, which comes for Habiru, and Prophet Abraham (Ab-Ra-Ham).  This is ancient Commercial Laws of Commerce and Contract, that is now in the hands of The Jewish/Yiddish.




Do you need to Record a UCC to establish sovereign and nationality?  NO…………..NO NO NO!!!!  There have been many who feel as though there is a conspiracy against Aboriginals as our recordings are being rejected all across the nation.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!  Read the response, and then file it again if necessary, but YOU DO NOT NEED IT!!!  Should you file? It’s not a bad idea to file, why, because it is PUBLIC NOTICE of whatever you are trying to establish, but if you don’t understand this simple truth, then LEAVE IT ALONE!!!


The Purpose of UCC recordings.  The Purpose of recording a UCC on the ‘colored slave strawman’ is to have controlling interest in commerce and commercial affairs over it.  It is a commercial entity no different than McDonald’s, and when you record a UCC properly, the goal is to place a Lien which must be satisfied to you the Secured Party, before anyone else can collect.  If you don’t know how to do a lien, your UCC recording is useless.  If you do know what you are doing, you don’t need to record the lien with the UCC if you actually have a Private contract between the Secured Party and The Strawman.


Putting Liens on Cops and Judges.  Many of those in this movement have been trying to place liens on those whom they feel have caused them commercial injury.  These people are going to jail for recording UCC Liens, because THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!  Placing a lien is a Powerful Weapon, but it is not to be used at every drop of the hat, and definitely if you don’t know what you are doing.  There MUST BE EVIDENCE of the purpose for the lien, an opportunity to the offending party to cure, and grace period of NOTICE of fault, injury, and otherwise.  All of which MUST BE INCLUDED with the Lien before Recording it.


Land Patents. Land Patents DO NOT DISCHARGE MORTGAGES!!!  A land patent is an additional line of defense if you know how to defend yourself in court, but it DOES NOT eliminate Mortgages!!!


How To; Nationality and Sovereignty.  Both can be established by Affidavit’s, Notices to the proper parties, and PUBLIC RECORD, but the process is not complete because it still must be either written into law, or you must be recorded as an Actual Sovereign Aboriginal National in Law.  This process is not an overnight thing, and can take 90-245 days to complete with NO EXPERIENCE, understanding, or background…..sometimes longer.  We suggest purchasing the SOVEREIGNTY CLUB – S.C. College Course on Freedom, it will give you a solid foundation and direction if applied appropriately!!!