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First let us ask and answer the quesiton of what is science?  Science by defintion is as follows

sci·ence [sahyuhns] Pronunciation KeyShow IPA Pronunciation


1. a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws:


Through etymology we find that the word science can also be tranced back to the word source.


So science is to study to know the source.


Self Science is a term deemed by T.O.T.M.H. creator’s of the documentary film “The Missing Link: The Matrix Unplugged”.  It is best described in the following manner.

Self science is knowing who and what GOD is, therefore knowing who and what you are.  You can not truly know GOD, if you don’t not know yourself, and to know one’s self is to be one’s self.  Self science is having the knowledge of the inner workings of the universe as it applies to the self.  It is knowing your history, your culture, the TRUE GOD, and your contribution in the building of civilization, and therefore the universe.

As it has been revealed to us today, there are 4 basic elements of Self Science and Self discovery.  These elements govern all beings of all species.


Gender Nature

Cosmological Nature

Ego Nature

Physiological Nature


The overstanding of these 4 elements leads the soul to GOD realization.  You must study these to know these.  You must know the history of your people, to ever fully understand who you are and why you are the way that you are.  If you do not grasp this basic knowledge, you will not evolve from the adolescent condition of mind, thusly we have fully grown adults who have child like minds.

The first question one must ask is who am I?  Next is what am I?  Self Science is the knowing of who and what through studying yourself, beginning with these basic principle elements as a point of direction, which is in truth studying GOD.




We the people who have become known as black, and that inhabit the territories of North America, have been lost to the answer of this question for over 400 years.  In not knowing our history or point of origin, as it is most relevant, we have become Lost.  Lost within ourselves, lost in our own minds, not knowing which direction to turn and therefore praying to the sky for a Super human being to come save us, without the requirement of us having to do any work in the mean time.

We were written out of the text books of this educational system, and thusly the responsibility for properly educating ourselves has fallen back into our laps, where it actually belongs.  As we can see, the current status of education produces unproductive, savage like beings, who operate solely on sense gratification.

Who you are must be answered within one’s self to be able to properly achieve that which our creator has given us the responsibility to do.  It would not be as easy to answer this question by stating your government name.  You must know who you are historically.  Black Soul Science is here to offer the answer to the question that has eluded us and therefore kept us in servitude status in society.

We the people that have become known as black, and that inhabit the territories of North America can find our true identity hidden in the very book that has been used to enslave us, The Bible.  If we are taught how to read, we can then find ourselves in the scriptures and therefore in history.  This work would be easily done once we are able to see our true selves in the Bible.  We thought ourselves to be African’s, brought to the said America’s (North, Central, and South).  However, our enemies who have given us this education were not and are not all powerful, and therefore didn’t and couldn’t wipe out all of our knowledge of who we are.  They in fact kept it best hidden from us as it was in front of our face.

Our people are, without any reason to doubt, written in the Bible under the names Israelites, and Children of Israel.  We are historically written about as Moors.  With these two FACTS, to begin with, we can now answer the first most necessary question of Self Science, Who am I?  The question that follows is of course what am I?  But you won’t ever know the facts of what you are if you don’t know who you are.  Here is the beginning of wisdom, let those who have ears hear, as it will make you free!   

We are Israelites, and we are Moors.

So now you need evidence that will support these said facts. provides the evidence needed. Look around and stay tuned!