Police Killing Black People: Let’s talk solutions!

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Police Killing Black People: Let’s talk solutions!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!  Police Killing our people and getting away with it more often than not.  I like many of us have some insight as to why this continues to happen but ultimately what does it matter if what any individual among us or even groups have knowledge of if we just sit back with our so-called knowledge and doing nothing about it!! 

Yesterday on facebook a brother (who I can’t locate now) stated on a comment sent to me that he and a group of brothers in his area are not relying on recordings, they are grouping up and standing in defense of our people.  He mentioned how they state plainly to the police that if you are going to kill this one brother, you are going to have to kill all of us.  I wasn’t able to get more details from the brother as I lost the thread.  No matter what you may individually think about this, don’t sit back playing the dozens about why that brother is wrong or right, let your voice be heard today and let’s talk solutions!

I’m your brother and I will help us all have our voices heard here, organize the ideas of solutions that we all have and ask all who participate to share with others!  Please no rhetoric or propaganda, just solutions.  PLEASE….NO INFIGHTING AMONG US HERE…..LET’S TALK SOLUTIONS!!!  – Jedidiah


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