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Invest in Bitcoin – Follow the Smart Money!

Follow the smart money! Why is Investor Adoption growing?

Traditional Investments failing – uncertainty and fear – Geo-Political Risk
Increasing Bitcoin Value and consumer adoption
Strong Long-Term Fundamentals evident driving investors to be part of the dynamic Digital Economy.

Venture Capitalists and Business Founders invest in Business Startups, however, methods of Raising funds are changing opening up to the wider public – Venture Capitalists and Banks Vs Crowdfunding

Family Offices – there has been a rise in single family office (SFO) investments in Bitcoin – more smart money moving into bitcoin

ETF – Exchange Traded Funds – A listed fund on an exchange opens up Bitcoin to thousands of account holders which could be pension and insurance funds, banks, family offices, governments, individuals

A few attempts to list on Stock Exchanges initially rejected by SEC – Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust – ETF’s will be listed – just a matter of time

The start of new Investment vehicles such as The Bitcoin Investment Trust’s shares by Grayscale are the first publicly quoted securities solely invested in and deriving value from the price of bitcoin

Bitcoin Hedge Funds – startups such as PolyChain and Numerai

Private and investment banking firm Vontobel has become the first Swiss issuer to offer a tracker certificate on Bitcoin on Swiss Stock Exchange

Individuals are holding their Bitcoin safely and using Bitcoin as a hedge against local Fiat Currency
Diversifying their Investment Portfolio
Biggest Bang for their Buck… or BITCOIN!

Bitcoin continues to grow in overall importance in the world of Investing – Is Bitcoin part of your Investment Portfolio? Leave your comments below this video!

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