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After 9 years we are ending this chapter of the ‘Freedom Kit’ and introducing in it’s place ‘Sovereignty Club Investment Group’.  The Freedom Kit and the Instructional School have served our people well over the years and has been utilized in uplifting and educating countless numbers of people all over the Earth! Anyone who has been following knows that from the very beginning (2007) we have been gearing toward the establishment of a ‘Wealth Building Nation’ Program.  Here some 10 years after we first published the site we are now turning the reins over to ‘Sovereignty Club Investment Group’ to continue a much needed education on Law while at the same time helping to create financial security for members.


Sovereignty Club also has S.C.C. (Sovereignty Club College) which is an upgrade from the former Self Science University Online Instruction.  The motivation behind Sovereignty Club is the same that which we started with the Freedom Kit, and that is rather than pay people to do ‘Status Correction’ documents that you don’t understand why not get the proper education first so that you can do it for yourself.  Paying for status correction can’t possibly be an answer for anyone who doesn’t know what’s going on, why you should or need to do this, or how to conduct yourself.  


You’ll receive an education on matters of status and law, but S.C. is also an investment group that provide opportunities to make earn while you learn.  Be sure to visit and get started today!