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Tillerson, others say Jerusalem step changes ‘nothing’

[ad_1] Their pushback came as major US allies, geopolitical rivals, religious leaders and many analysts warned about the potential for Trump's decision to further destabilize the Middle East and undermine the idea of Washington as a neutral arbiter of peace talks. In the West Bank, Palestinian protesters clashed with Israeli security forces, injuring at least 49, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent, and the leader of the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas called for a new "intifada," or uprising. Security analysts warned of the possibility of broader protests on Friday, the day Muslims across the region go to their mosques for...

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Trump’s Jerusalem move: Clashes after Friday prayers

[ad_1] A 30-year-old Palestinian was shot and killed during clashes in eastern Gaza, Palestinian Authority's Ministry of Health said, with more than 300 people injured across the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem, 50 of whom needed hospital treatment.Most of the injuries were minor, the ministry said, adding that they were caused by bullets, rubber bullets, tear gas and asphyxiation. Protesters in the West Bank and Gaza began to disperse in the early evening, the Israeli military said.In Gaza, Israeli aircraft hammered Hamas targets. A 54-year-old Palestinian man died from injuries sustained during an Israeli airstrike in Gaza, according to a...

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CNN corrects story on email to Trumps about Wikileaks

[ad_1] CNN on Friday afternoon corrected an exclusive report that said candidate Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr. had received an email providing a web address and decryption key allowing them to access hacked documents from WikiLeaks before such documents were publicly available. When first published Friday morning, the story, written by senior congressional correspondent Manu Raju and politics reporter Jeremy Herb, said the email was sent to the Trumps on September 4, 2016. It was corrected to say that the email was actually sent on September 14, one day after WikiLeaks made...

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