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Tropical Storm Tembin: Flash floods, landslides kill over 100

[ad_1] Tropical Storm Tembin slammed into another set of Philippine islands late Saturday, hours after it battered the southern island of Mindanao. Officials have given conflicting death tolls since the storm ravaged towns and displaced thousands. At least 123 people have been killed and 159 are missing, spokeswoman Mina Marasigan of the Philippines' national disaster management agency said Sunday. Earlier, the CEO of the Philippine Red Cross tweeted that 156 people have died. Tembin, also known as Vinta in the Philippines, made a second landfall Saturday night over Balabac Island, at the southern tip of Palawan province.Forecasters warned residents to...

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14 ‘What just happened?’ White House media moments that shocked us in 2017

[ad_1] Looking back at year one of the Trump presidency, we all remember "alternative facts" and "covfefe" and the president's claim that major TV networks are the "enemy of the American people." But do you remember "Holocaust centers" and "last night in Sweden" and Trump's tweet of a meme showing CNN logo being hit by a "Trump train?" Some of the year's shocking, strange and just plain funny moments have already faded from consciousness. Do you remember these "did that really...

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UN adopts tough new sanctions on North Korea

[ad_1] Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, claimed that the new sanctions, levied in response to Pyongyang's November 29 ballistic missile test, went even further than sanctions passed in September that, at the time, were called the toughest yet. "Today, we cut deeper," Haley said. She said the UN had repeatedly offered Pyongyang a choice and repeatedly, in its continued missile tests, the regime had "chosen the path of isolation."Hailing the unity of the Security Council vote and referring to leader Kim Jong Un, Haley said that, "we will continue to match the Kim regime's choice of aggressive...

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