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Trump Accuses DOJ Of Being Part Of ‘Deep State’

[ad_1] WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump accused the Justice Department Tuesday of being part of the “deep state” and urged prosecution against a top aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former FBI Director James Comey. He also claimed that U.S. sanctions on North Korea were having a “big impact” and that he was responsible for preventing commercial aviation deaths in 2017. Trump’s latest tweets pressed familiar arguments for the president, who is set to begin his first full year in office with the victory of tax legislation but the Russia investigation still hanging over his administration. “Crooked Hillary Clinton’s...

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Chicago’s 2017 Homicide Rate Decreased From 2016 Record High

[ad_1] Homicides in Chicago decreased by nearly 16 percent in 2017 from the 20-year high in 2016, CNN reported. This positive news is no thanks to President Donald Trump whose only solution to the city’s violence was a threat to “call in the feds.” “Hard work by officers, adding more sworn personnel, investing in new technology to drive out smart policing strategy, and increasing partnerships” were credited for the decrease in murders and shootings, the Chicago Police Department said. But what’s often overlooked is the contributions of community activists. Ja’Mal Green pointed that out in his criticism of the president. Chicago recorded...

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Newsweek Is Under Fire For Martin Luther King Jr. Tweet

[ad_1] A picture of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. in his casket along with a link to an article was tweeted and then quickly deleted by Newsweek. The NY Daily News reports that the tweet garnered lots of backlash with many people calling the news publication out for the posting and using the image. The tweet got the attention of Bernice King, the late activist daughter who shunned Newsweek with a simple tweet saying, “Why @Newsweek? Wow.” Newsweek quickly deleted the tweet and posted an apology to the King family. “Earlier this afternoon we published an opinion piece with an insensitive image...

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Erykah Badu Gets Pulled Over By Fans?

[ad_1] Getting pulled over is never a fun thing and being Black in America and getting pulled over is just scary! However, singer Erykah Badu got pleasantly surprised when she got pulled over on New Year’s Eve in Dallas according to Page Six. In a video she posted to her Instagram, she explains, “OK, it’s New Year’s Eve. I just got pulled over.” She continued, “And why are you pulling me over,” she asked two cops. One of the two bent down with a huge smile on his face saying, “because I wanted to say hi!” A little surprised but not too freaked out...

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Little Known Black History Fact: John Hope Franklin

[ad_1] John Hope Franklin was one of the leading historians of his time and credited with forging paths that would spark the rise of African American studies. The late educator and Southern history expert was born on this day, and we take a look back at his life and career. Franklin was born in 1915 in Rentiesville, Oklahoma to Buck Franklin, a civil rights lawyer, and his schoolteacher mother, Mollie Franklin. As a boy, Franklin narrowly missed the happenings of the Tulsa Race Riots that destroyed the “Black Wall Street” neighborhood of Greewood in 1921. His father worked successfully to defend...

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Bone-Chilling Cold Grips Wide Swath Of US, At Least 2 Deaths

[ad_1] MILWAUKEE (AP) — Bone-chilling cold has gripped much of the central U.S. as 2018 opens, breaking century-old records and leading to at least two deaths attributed to exposure to the dangerously low temperatures. The National Weather Service issued wind chill advisories covering a vast area from south Texas to Canada and from Montana and Wyoming through New England. The bitter cold wave enveloped much of the Midwest, yet that didn’t deter hundreds of people from ringing in the new year by jumping into Lake Michigan. Despite sub-freezing temperatures and a warning of potential hypothermia from the local fire chief, throngs of...

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