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A journey into the heart of North Korea

[ad_1] It’s also one of North Korea’s main missile launch sites.The country’s missile program is advancing fast, defying efforts by the US and its allies to curb them. North Korea now has the dreaded intercontinental ballistic missile — possibly nuclear capable — putting the US mainland within striking range for the first time ever.The nation’s founder, Kim Il Sung, oversaw the first Scud missile launch in the 1980s. His son and successor, Kim Jong Il, launched more than a dozen missiles during his 17-year rule.But Kim Jong Un has taken this to a new level since taking power in 2011,...

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How To Keep Up With The Jason Stockley Protest

[ad_1] Ex St. Louis officer Jason Stockley has been acquitted in the killing and death of 24-year-old Anthony Lamar Smith. Since the verdict, the city of St. Louis reacted in a series of protest all across the city. If you want to stay connected with the protest, we suggest following these main Twitter accounts: @ShaunKing is a journalist whose research and hard-hitting articles keeps people in the know about any current situations. It can be anything from police brutality, corruption or Medicare. Shaun is always ready to show the truth. He is a regular guest on the Tom Joyner Morning Show where he...

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London train blast: Latest of 5 UK terror incidents in 2017

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