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Bitcoin Price Charts 2017.06.10

Welcome to the Money Charts Channel. Thank you for all the support through comments, likes, sharing the videos and sending cryptos as gifts. Thank you, always appreciated Below is MY VIEW of each market with my wallet address for each. Thank you for all gifts. This is my view of the markets and use this for research as you find fit as you are (or should be) In control of your own portfolio. BITCOIN (BTC) 1bUUj1qbkadvN18tmkAVm53SoWmRp4PkS I Look at bitcoin as the gold in precious metals. Its the common one every one knows, but I have to think it...

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3 Things We Need To Know About Trump Attempt To Gut Obamacare

[ad_1] In his unending effort to dismantle the Affordable Care Act—President Barack Obama‘s signature legislation—Donald Trump on Thursday signed an executive order that effectively begins the long process of repealing and replacing the hard-won measure. Here are three things to know: 1.The Affordable Care Act is still the law The executive order, not buttressed by law, stops about $7 billion in subsidies or scheduled payments to insurance companies that help lower deductibles for low-income customers, according to The New York Times. Source: David Hume Kennerly / Getty 2. People Of Color will be most impacted by the order While it’s unclear how the measure will shake...

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Gabrielle Union, Kerry Washington Join Twitter Boycott

[ad_1] Twitter’s temporary suspension of Rose McGowan’s account amid her emotional reaction to Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault claims has sparked a movement. Gabrielle Union and Kerry Washington are just some of the celebs supporting today’s day-long #WomenBoycottTwitter protest in support of women whose voices have been silenced. “Starts now,” Scandal‘s Kerry Washington tweeted before going off the Twitter grid on Friday morning. Elizabeth Banks, too, noted she’s “taking a mental health break from Twitter,” while Gabrielle Union declared, “Let’s go.” Others urged fans to follow them on Instagram in lieu of Twitter. “I stand with my sisters,” Gina Rodriguez wrote. “I won’t be...

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What Trump’s move on Iran means for the US and the world

[ad_1] But when he declares that it has not been in US interests, he will consign the proudest legacy achievement of President Barack Obama's second term to a deeply uncertain future -- and could even set off a train of consequences that could eventually lead to its collapse.Should that be the case, Trump, or one of his successors in the Oval Office, may one day face the fateful choice that the deal was supposed to circumvent -- whether to use military force to stop the Islamic Republic racing toward the bomb.The President has fumed against what he has called a...

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