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Bigger battles rise from the ashes of the war on ISIS

[ad_1] In the process, dozens of towns and cities in Syria and Iraq have been pulverized, among them Raqqa, Aleppo, Mosul, Fallujah and Ramadi.The cost of reconstruction -- running into hundreds of billions of dollars -- is far beyond the capacity of whoever rules either Syria or Iraq. The cost to humanity is worse still. In Iraq, the advance of ISIS -- followed by the operation to destroy it -- displaced more than 3 million people, according to the United Nations. Nearly 600,000 Iraqi children have missed an entire year of education or more, according to the Internal Displacement Monitoring...

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Tyler Perry, Regina Hall, Octavia Spencer Among Profitable Actors

[ad_1] According to new data purporting to name the most popular actor in Hollywood over nearly four decades — Tyler Perry ranks at No. 4. PartyCasino analyzed box office numbers from 1980 to 2017 to determine Hollywood’s most and least profitable actors. Surprisingly Emilio Estevez comes in at No. 1 with the best return of any top-billed male actor who has starred in at least 10 films. For every $1 spent on the leading man’s films, Estevez generated $6.70 at the box office. Jean-Claude Van Damme ranked second with $4.20 for each dollar, while Mel Gibson ($3.50), Tyler Perry ($3), and Dudley Moore...

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Time to step into Gold and Bitcoin? – Veteran Trader Chimes In

Gold prices ended lower Monday but one expert sees it as an excellent buying opportunity. “I am looking to buy gold right now, $1260, $1265 is a great level to step in,” Todd ‘Bubba’ Horwitz told Kitco News on Monday. Next time the market nears $1,300, Horwitz said he is looking for gold to break through that key level. “One thing we have to understand about markets is the best thing to happen to them is a little bit of selling pressure, to ease up and bring more new money in,” he said. Horwitz also spoke about bitcoin breaking...

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Pollution linked to 9 million deaths worldwide in 2015, study says

[ad_1] Air pollution is by far the largest contributor to early death, according to the new research produced by The Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health. This form of pollution is linked to 6.5 million fatalities in 2015. Water pollution, responsible for 1.8 million deaths, and workplace-related pollution, which led to 0.8 million deaths, pose the next largest risks, the report noted.The overwhelming majority of pollution-related casualties -- 92% -- occur among people living in low- and middle-income countries. And, one in every four early deaths in nations trying to industrialize rapidly -- such as India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Madagascar...

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Climate change: Children to sue European countries

[ad_1] As signatories to the Paris climate accord, the countries have agreed to cut their emissions rates to help prevent global temperatures rising by more than 2˚C.The children will ask the European Court of Human Rights to tell the nations to enforce stronger emission-cutting policies, and to stop mining fossil fuel reserves.Lead counsel Marc Willers QC, from London's Garden Court Chambers, says the legal action is a landmark case. If successful, it would set a historic precedent and be binding across Europe. The group's legal fees in the landmark case are being paid for through a crowdfunding campaign, which has...

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